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Instructional Resources

Parent and Student Resources

Click on the quote from the Louisiana Department of Education site to find many resources for parents and students.

Louisiana Department of Education

For news, resources, school accountability data and more...

Making Connections

Provides technology-rich lessons and unit plans that model the Louisiana Content standards and the Louisiana K-12 educational technology guidelines.All materials for teachers and students are included. Lessons are available in a search database: Click here:

LEAP for the 21st Century High Stakes Testing Policy

Family Services

Family, Career and Technical Services:


For information about adult literacy programs click here: Literacy


For information concerning:


Home Instruction for Pre-School Parents


Jobs for Americas Graduates


Families Helping Resource Center


Career and Technical Education


Parental Involvement


Click here: Services


One great teacher can make all the difference. Answer the calling....Teach.


Louisiana School Accountability

View District Accountability results by school year:

Check out Louisiana Virtual School

What is No Child Left Behind?

Financial Assistance

Request for Charter School Applications

GEE Online

View the Transportation Survey

Louisiana High School Redesign Commission