Course Listings

English Department   Math Department  Science Department
 *English I  *Algebra I  *Biology I
 *English II  *Algebra II  *Biology II
 *English III  *Geometry  *Environmental Science
 *English III (Honors)  Financial Math
 *Physical Science
 *English IV    *Chemistry
 English Elective    
 Social Studies Department  Physical Education Department  Business Education Department
 *Civics  *P.E. I  *Intro to Business Computer Applications
 *Free Enterprise  *P.E. II  *Web Design
 *American History  P.E. III  *Telecommunications
 *World History  P.E. IV
 *Desktop Publishing
 *World Geography  P.E. Elective  *Computer Literacy
   *Health Education  Education for Careers
     Publications I
     Publications II
 Foreign Language  Vocational Education  Dual Enrollment - Northwestern State University
 (College Credit Courses)
 *Spanish I  Welding  Criminal Justice 1100, 2300
 English 1010
 English 1020
 Fine Arts 1040
 *Spanish II  Construction Technology I and II
 Oil and Gas Safety
 Math 1010
 Math 1020
   Adult Responsibilities  Science 1010
   Child Development  
   Advanced Child Development  CVC Lab - VPSB
   Family and Consumer Science I  Introduction to Health Occupations
 Medical Terminology
   Family and Consumer Science II  Spanish I
   Nutrition and Foods  
 *Fine Arts Survey    

 *Indicates courses that satisfy TOPS requirements